Do you play music as guests arrive in the church/venue?
Yes, we arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony and play background music for the arrival of your guests.

What do you need to set up in the church/venue?
All we need are armless chairs, everything else we will bring with us.

Do you need amplification?
We are an acoustic ensemble which means we do not need to ‘plug in’ our instruments and our sound travels extremely well in churches and other similar venues.

When do we choose the music for our ceremony and can you help us?
Usually music is chosen around 8 weeks before your wedding but if you would prefer to choose it earlier that’s fine also. We will send you our Repertoire and Sample Lists and also links to youtube to help you choose the music for your ceremony.

Can you play with a singer?
Yes, we can accompany a singer for your wedding ceremony. We can recommend excellent singers, or if you have a friend or family member who would like to sing a song we are happy to accompany them.

Will you perform outdoors?
Yes, we are happy to play outside as long as weather permits. We cannot play in direct sunlight or if it is raining. (Even very light rain can damage our instruments).

Can you play something that is not in your repertoire list?
If there is a piece or song that you would like to include in your ceremony but it is not in our repertoire, we can arrange it for you provided there is some kind of sheet music available for it.

What if someone in the quartet is unavailable on our wedding day?
If a member of Dublin String Quartet is unavailable to perform at your wedding, they will be replaced with another musician of the highest professional standard.

Do you only provide strings, or can we get other instruments as well?
We can provide other instruments as well for your wedding ceremony. Popular choices added to the string trio are Flute, Oboe and Trumpet.

Are you full-time professional musicians?
Yes, all musicians that work with Dublin String Quartet are full-time professional performing musicians in Ireland. We are all reputable and respected musicians and perform with various professional orchestras as well as working with many renowned artists in a performance and recording context.